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June 29, 2010 / teamoperationprogress

Father’s Day on the Road – Morning of Day 8

Team Captain Kristina Ripatti sent her husband and crew member Tim Pearce his pre-recorded Father’s Day message.  A precious reminder of the little ones at home missing their mommy and daddy!  All the team members were either away from their Dad’s or their children on this Father’s Day except Max Pearce.

Max and his wife Carol joined our team on the last day before the launch of the race.  He is the father of Tim Pearce, and Kim Schory, board member for Operation Progress and key crew members for RAAM.  It was awesome to see them all together on this grand adventure.

Morning dawned and a rider arrived as another heads out.  Breakfast is served!  Cold cereal, yogurts, juice and fresh fruit layed out for the crew and riders.  I layed in my cot for a couple of hours.  Texted a friend back home and tried to rest but the excitement and adrenaline just don’t allow the body the REM needed to rest.  Johnny and Kim slept in the van and I peeked in on both RV’s through the night and I have never in my life heard so many people snoring!  I was amazed they could all sleep through it but learned later they all had ear plugs.

I was able to observe the crew in action and you could tell that the lack of sleep and demanding schedule was really getting to them.  There was a crazed look in everyone’s eye and the body language said way more than their words, which were few.

I was told by Rob Beckers and Tim Pearce that they literally traded places every 2 minutes and did jumping jacks, ran around the vehicle, and other oddities just to stay awake as they drove Kristina Ripatti while she was resting in her van.

The team packed up and headed to their next location…Keyser!


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